Maui Part 4 – The Road to Hana

The road to Hana, otherwise known as the Hana Highway, is a 64.4 mile stretch of road connecting Kahalui with the small town of Hana. It is a day-trip – the winding road traverses some of Maui’s most gorgeous tropical landscapes, 59 bridges, and consists of approximately 620 curves. It is a difficult drive, hence many prefer to make the trip with a tour bus – however note that not all companies do the entire circuit around the island, some…

Maui Part 1 – Wailea Beach

After 10 months of full-time conservatory theater training in snowy New York and an arduous move from coast to coast, Maui was a welcome getaway. I had gone from a mild Australian winter straight to a freezing northern hemisphere one so a week of lazy beach days in the sun was definitely due. Breakfast overlooking the grounds was such a change from the light-speed of New York life, not having anywhere to rush off to. Wailea beach is lined by…