Manifestation and Synchronicity – All the Universe Conspires

‘When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’ – Paulo Coelho

Positive thoughts attract positive things. Actually believing you can achieve something will bring that result about. The action of committing to something will set in motion a series of events – the universe conspiring with you to make it happen.

I had the strangest thing happen to me this morning.

I’ve been doing The Artist’s Way (by Julia Cameron) with a friend of mine in Los Angeles. Part of it involves getting up each morning and writing stream of consciousness non-stop until you fill three whole pages of a book, which I hate with a fiery passion. Which is fine, because hating it is apparently as good as loving it. After all, the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference.

I was trying to be good this morning – as in I sat at a table rather than in bed. Did the pages while I drank my morning smoothie rather than after I ate. And tried not to write bigger to fill up more space. As I came to the third page, I decided I would draw rather than write (yes I realise that is cheating too) even though I knew I couldn’t draw for shit. Except the awkward part was, for some reason, apparently I CAN draw for shit.

Wasn’t sure if I was seeing it right (I was that shocked), so messaged it to a couple friends who had been unfortunate enough to text me this morning. The responses I got ranged from expletives (positive expletives) to ‘how the -expletive- did you do that’ to ‘that’s amazing – grr you’re one of those people who can draw well!”. Anyone who can claim that clearly has never played Pictionary with me.

This is the second time something like this has happened to me in the past two weeks. Now, I unchecked the ‘pool’ box on all my casting profiles because I was painfully aware that I sucked at pool. Last week, I decided I would play some pool, just to check I still couldn’t hit a ball straight. Except the strangest thing was I’m actually pretty good at pool and won two out of three games, against people who are confident in their pool-playing abilities.

So what changed? Could it be a commitment thing? Presumably, there are two ways you can play it as a girl at a pool table. Either you are freaking awesome at it, or you play up how much you can’t play pool so the guys around will help you suck less. Could it be I never actually tried to be awesome at pool the first time I played because I never considered that I could be good at it, and as a result never committed to doing it well? Maybe i’m onto something.

I never pursued art past year 8 despite doing extremely well and my teacher highly encouraging me to continue, because I was pushed into more academic subjects which would scale better for my university entrance exams. Could it be that that eventually led me to a belief that I couldn’t actually draw? After all, my mother had never been keen on the whole drama/acting thing either.

So the actual point i’m making is about manifestation and the law of attraction. Positive thoughts attract positive things. Actually believing you can achieve something will bring that result about. The action of committing to something will set in motion a series of events – the universe conspiring with you to make it happen.

I have always believed in synchronicity, as I can pin down many of the exact moments (if you’re a sci-fi nerd, that would be a nexus point) where the events that happened have led directly to the life I lead now – and my life would be vastly different if things had happened any other way. But by being aware of synchronicity and actively welcoming it and opening yourself up to the possibility, I have found that it is possible to invite it into your life.

I am a person who likes to be in control of my life. I like to plan things. Now, when I say that, I mean in a big picture sense, such as having a game plan for my career, not what I’m having for dinner that night – in fact, I often prefer to wander down a alleyway and pick the restaurant I walk past that looks nice. It doesn’t mean I’m not a spontaneous person; I thrive on spontaneity. I’ve gotten up one morning and decided to go to a theme park and gone that day. Booked plane tickets and a hotel in another city and left the next day. But I like to know things. Whether it’s going to rain all over my beach holiday, what that obscure dress-code for that party actually means, how people feel. I have a real knack for imagining the worst case scenario, fearing the worst. Not knowing kills me. A creative mind is definitely a double-edged sword.

It’s taken a while to realise that the key is commitment to a particular goal or result, but with a lot of flexibility on how that destination is arrived at. Whenever i’ve tried to force something to happen in a particular pre-planned way i’ve ended up either disappointed or hurt. But I can pretty much say I don’t regret a single thing in my life, except maybe leaving LA at the end of April. But that’s where manifestation gets tricky. I had plans A through J ready to go before I left so I could get back there within a year, but was terrified none of them would eventuate. Within two weeks of me arriving home to Australia, one of the best case scenarios came through. The act of getting on that plane home committed me to finding a permanent solution back, and without it, the solution might never have manifested. The other piece of the puzzle, though, is actually having had those plans in place to start with – would this have manifested if I had not sent the energy of coming up with this many alternate plans into the universe? Is the law of attraction really a fancy way of saying work hard and it will come? Preparation meets opportunity?

This all sounds crazy, but it’s happened once more in the three months i’ve been back. I’d been quite set on getting an agent within a timeline I set myself, and was very hard on myself when things did not happen the way I envisioned. I decided to let go and spend the remainder of my time in Sydney focusing on skills, accent work, and spending time with people here. Literally, a week later, I had two agent meetings, one of them signing me immediately. She had just dropped a very similar client, had a hole on her roster to fill, and thought I would be a good fit. I went out for a commercial audition that week, got called back for it the following week, and auditioned for another commercial two days later. Letting go allowed it to happen.

At new year’s, I had written out what had worked and not worked for the previous year and declared my 2015 goals in extreme detail on a two page hand-written timeline. They included the above, as well as getting a website up and running, prepping my reel, as well as the rest of my marketing materials and research. It’s July and I have already achieved every goal for this year within the parameters of the timeline (except one which I am pushing to another year for a series of very good reasons). Is it possible that the act of committing to them make them happen?

I believe in synchronicity. Maybe it’s just the way I fool myself into working hard. Or maybe…just maybe, it’s the universe conspiring to make it happen – nothing short of magical!



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