Balon Wine Bar

Balon Wine Bar

Nestled among the terraces and fire escapes lining East 81st street, this was one of those places I’d walk past during the day and never pay much attention to. It was only when it was dark out that I’d notice the lights and the red flowers on the open air terrace. Balon is a wine bar, an Upper East Side gem, tucked away where only those who live nearby tend to know of it.

Friday night, glass of wine in hand, chocolate molten lava cake on its way. The rain is pouring down outside – typically New York. People-watching, with one of your favorite people. Watching as people on their way home leap out of cabs and make a dash for their front doors.

I love being on a patio when it’s raining outside – being warm and dry with the rain close enough to hear and smell.

Looking out onto East 81 St.

Looking out onto East 81 St.

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