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I am, first and foremost, an actor – and acting is my first love, but there is a life to be lived outside it. It is truly my belief that the ‘struggling actor’ story does not have to be the only story.

Diana Huntley Champagne Twilight About Me 2

I’ve always collected moments. I like the idea of photographs – of captured moments – that with every scattered image, we can take a glimpse back into the past – for we are the product of our experiences.

Diana Huntley Champagne Twilight About Me

Every aspiring artist has had that moment where they momentarily lose sight of the bigger picture, forget why we started out on our quest to begin with, get caught up on the minutia of the endless roller-coaster of successes and setbacks. Often, all we need is some perspective, things we love outside of our primary pursuit, and for me those are fashion, food and travel. They are part of my creative  journey. Sometimes, all we need is something to remind us that it is the moments along the way that matter. Champagne Twilight is a record of those moments for me. It is a look-book where I will be sharing my wanderlust and my favorite outfits along the way.

M Y  S T O R Y

My story begins in Sydney, Australia. I’ve been writing for as long as I remember – Champagne Twilight has taken many forms over the years, initially as a restaurant blog (in my teenage years) to document my food adventures, then a reflection on my personal journey moving across the world as I found myself swept up in unchartered waters, and now a curated style and travel blog.

In mid-2013, I took a leap of faith and moved to New York City to train full-time in acting, and when it came time to go home, I instead packed everything up and booked a one-way ticket to Los Angeles, where I ended up living for another 10 months. As they say, all good things come to an end, and I eventually had to go home to Sydney – but as I say, they don’t have to, because 10 months later I was back in LA, this time for good.

If I learned nothing else on this path it’s this: it’s not meant to be easy. Something I want to emphasise because it IS easy to lose ourselves in the stunning views and the beautiful images in the lives of bloggers and actors and forget to look behind the scenes –  some days can be a struggle and not always so glamorous.

My travel writing side job and 4 months spent filming the travel show Wondernesia in Indonesia with Discovery Channel/TLC and Tourism Indonesia, has only deepened my appreciation of how travel enriches our lives, and I would not trade these experiences for anything. A bit more on that here in my  interview with the Asian TV Awards.

I am first and foremost an actor, and acting is my first love, but there is a life to be lived outside it. It is truly my belief that the ‘struggling actor’ story does not have to be the only story. This story is still being written, and every day is the chance for an incredible adventure – where, when, how and who are still to be decided…

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me! ❤

xo Diana

Photography on this page by Richard Munoz and Luke Latty.

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