When it comes to practicality in swimwear, subjective is an understatement. If you’re at the pool to swim laps, you would probably not rock up in a flamingo pink two-piece set in the first place (but that’s just my guess haha). If you hope to swim any recognizable stroke at all, even just to work off the morning’s jam croissants and fruit platter in a hotel pool, an off-the-shoulder bikini top probably wouldn’t be your first choice either.

But if your particular aim consists of any combination of lounging by the pool (or working really hard by the pool in style, for all you digital nomads out there), doing anything BUT swimming in a pool (instead giggling and splashing your friend/significant other/random you just met, like they do slow-motion in commercials, a la the credit card ad I was once on set for), or just wearing a bikini because you can…this is perfectly practical.

Also, if you’re in a situation where it doesn’t matter if your bikini top comes off because you erratically waved your arms around above your head, I can think of a few of those actually… 😉 But then if you’re skinny dipping, you don’t really need a bikini top, no? I personally love the off-the-shoulder clothing trend this season – just not for swimming laps in public. So you see, it really depends on what you’re looking for in your swim collection. For many occasions, this is impractically perfect. ❤

Bikini Top: Skye And Staghorn (shop exact)
Bikini Bottom: Skye And Staghorn (shop exact)
Sunglasses: Quay Australia (shop exact)

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