The water is warm and gentle waves crash to shore, nothing like the monster waves I’m used to in Sydney, or at say Waimea beach.

The water is a clear light blue, and in the depths you can just make out the shape of something swimming towards you.

It is illegal to touch the sea turtles in Hawaii as they are protected, but they will swim right up to you. We were there mid-morning, right after a late breakfast and there were two – they usually stay close to the rocks, so they will swim around from the deeper water on either end of the beach. One of them brushed past my hand with its flipper as I stood there. I hadn’t expected any turtles so close to a beach housing an entire row of resorts but it was a really magical experience.

Swimming with the turtles.

Swimming with the turtles.

Swimming with the turtles.Bikini – Ripcurl

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