If ever there was an ode to tea and the color pink, this would be it. Alfred Tea Room is the little sister of Alfred Coffee, and since I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker (that’s a whole other story), this is my Alfred’s location of choice. Firstly, because it does actually serve coffee, as well as rare and artisanal teas. And secondly, it is walking distance to both Alfred Coffee Melrose Place and Alfred Coffee In The Alley in case you absolutely HAD to go to one of the other locations (not going to lie, I was getting confused between all the locations).

They definitely had me at the ‘fancy pink tea list’ and ‘rose milk tea’ sign outside the door – if signage was ever effective, this is my equivalent of a random offering me free ice cream and candy out of the back of a van. Personal favorites from said fancy tea list include the matcha ice tea (which I love so matcha – Alfred Coffee has these cute quips up on all their walls), the Almond and Apple hot tea and any of the half dozen green teas. Oh yes, and anything with boba, which you either really love or really hate.

Either way, a great place for your morning hot beverage habit – I definitely saw someone parked on a red curb just to get their daily caffeine fix. The pastries are also worth a mention, get your Kouign-Amann which I can hardly spell, chocolate-dipped croissant (I wasn’t entirely sure if the rosebud on it was also edible), or savory spinach puff if that’s more your cup of tea (see what I did there). Be warned, you may find hordes of girls snapping a picture of their lattes, but can you really blame them when the entire tea room is so impeccably aesthetically pleasing? ❤

Top: Brandy Melville (shop exact)
The Kooples (Sunrise Collection)

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