Ubud Food Guide

UBUD Watercress Cafe – I stumbled upon this place while I was on shoot in Bali for 3 weeks, and came here almost every second day. Get your rustic decor and all-day breakfast. I get an acai bowl and a wellness shot every time i’m here during the day. It’s also really cute for dinner! If there is one place in the world that does organic wellness-oriented  food as well as LA, it’s Ubud. P.S. This cafe is walking distance to…

Alfred Tea Room, Yes. You, Maybe.

If ever there was an ode to tea and the color pink, this would be it. Alfred Tea Room is the little sister of Alfred Coffee, and since I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker (that’s a whole other story), this is my Alfred’s location of choice. Firstly, because it does actually serve coffee, as well as rare and artisanal teas. And secondly, it is walking distance to both Alfred Coffee Melrose Place and Alfred Coffee In The Alley…