Having to always be contactable and on top of my emails to confirm auditions, and the nature of the entertainment industry (sometimes having to learn 10 pages of a script overnight), means I always have my phone on me – often face down on a table where i’m working, or meeting with friends. Anybody who knows me knows I always have some sort of bright floral phone case – one thing never changes! I have a couple of go-to brands, and I’d love to introduce you to one of them.

CaseApp cases are very sturdy and high quality (as long as you don’t go stir crazy on it – I’ve had a friend destroy a LifeProof case – don’t ask how (I have no idea). I couldn’t decide between florals or fresh berries for spring, so I got both. They are custom printed, so you can literally have anything your idealistic little heart desires on the back of your phone. If not, both the ones I got are from their huge range of pre-existing designs – created by people who can probably draw better than I can.

I chose to get a tough case – for the same price, you get an extra rubber layer between the case and your phone, that in my opinion, doesn’t take away from the overall aesthetic effect. And as somebody who drops their phone all the time, I can vouch that in conjunction with a clear screen protector, no cracks or scratches to my phone itself so far. Touch wood.

If you’re intrigued, check them out here – you can get 20% till the 29th of April with the code DIANAHUNTLEY20. ❤

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