Ojai Valley Inn is an Ojai staple. The grounds are gorgeous and sprawling, and because it was around the holidays, it was decorated with a pumpkin patch! I cannot tell you how much joy and buzz and excitement I experience around the holidays here in the states, how much I appreciate that American enthusiasm for festivities, and how happy that makes my idealistic little heart.  I couldn’t tell you the first thing about the golf course, other than it has one, and the pools are awesome. Grab a Coolhaus ice cream sandwich and hang out poolside (or stock up when they’re half price at Wholefoods). Mintimalism: Double Choc-Chip Cookie + Dirty Mint Chip Ice Cream – this is not an ad.

Also s’mores: grab a s’mores kit from Libbey’s Cafe (or BYO) and overdose on gooey chocolatey goodness, and sit there, and contemplate how grateful you are to be there, rather than stuck in traffic on the 405. The room was awesome. The over-priced tin of mini-bar peanuts my friend ate were equally awesome – she reports maximum satisfaction. The gym at 5am is awesome (yes, we went to the gym at 5am because we are recovering productivity addicts and I also had an audition at 9am back in LA – here’s what happens to actors who don’t book out). The spa is equally awesome.



Azu is for tapas, and they do them well. Go to Azu if you’re in the mood for tapas. You won’t  be disappointed. I would definitely go for the tapas over the bigger dishes – bacon wrapped dates anyone?

TRUBLEND power smoothies and organic juices is where you will find glorious acai bowls in half pineapple shells and amazing kombucha on tap. So good. And the perfect way to escape the heat for a while!


Bart’s Books: Really cute outdoor bookshop – the older books outside are 50c each, and there are plenty of nooks to hunker down in “inside”, if you can really be “inside” in an outdoor bookshop. It was summer in fall weather when we were there so we decided to re-convene at the smoothie store a few streets away, but definitely a place I could spend all day perusing the stacks and catching up on some light reading.

Summer Camp: Is not open on Sundays! But is definitely on the list! So do go. Just not on Sunday!

Fig: Is the coolest rustic homewares and gift shop on the main strip. A little on the pricey side but everything is just so cute and unique. From little journals to wall hangings and knick-knacks for the garden, you won’t be disappointed.

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