Ubud Food Guide

UBUD Watercress Cafe – I stumbled upon this place while I was on shoot in Bali for 3 weeks, and came here almost every second day. Get your rustic decor and all-day breakfast. I get an acai bowl and a wellness shot every time i’m here during the day. It’s also really cute for dinner! If there is one place in the world that does organic wellness-oriented  food as well as LA, it’s Ubud. P.S. This cafe is walking distance to…

5 Amazing French Toasts of New York (Move Over Humans of NY)

French toast might actually be one of the best things ever invented. To test that theory, I dedicated many a  weekend brunch after my morning runs in Central Park to the cause of sampling French toasts around New York. Granted, that probably voided the entire point of going for a morning run, but it was clearly worth it. NORMA’S AT LE PARKER MERIDIEN (MIDTOWN) The best french toast I have ever had – the thing doesn’t even taste like french…