Watercress Cafe – I stumbled upon this place while I was on shoot in Bali for 3 weeks, and came here almost every second day. Get your rustic decor and all-day breakfast. I get an acai bowl and a wellness shot every time i’m here during the day. It’s also really cute for dinner! If there is one place in the world that does organic wellness-oriented  food as well as LA, it’s Ubud.

P.S. This cafe is walking distance to the famous Monkey Forest, if you’re interested in a visit. Just don’t leave any sunglasses lying around, or sitting atop your head. You might find that a monkey thinks it looks better in them than you do, and that you have no need for them.

Gaya Gelato – I couldn’t tell if I was really really hungry or this is some of the best artisan gelato I’ve had in my life, but I went back a second time just to check 😉 They have some really creative flavours like sirsak (soursop, a tropical fruit), mangosteen, tamarillo and durian (try it if you dare).

Bridges Bali – I’ve been to Bridges Bali for both lunch and dinner and its completely different during the day and night. Lunch is very verdant and beautiful, and it’s perfect for date night! I’m going to let the pictures speak for this one!

Bambu Indah Kitchen Restaurant

Another place for traditional Indonesian fare – and they served Gaya gelato when I was there. All the menus are written up on blackboards lining the front of the restaurant. The architecture is really something – much of the building is made out of the most beautiful bamboo (which is actually what the name of the restaurant means). It’s really ambient and gorgeous.

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